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2016 is here,

We are starting 20 years of service to the Genesee County Area, and the State. We have not been able to continue with our dial-up accounts due to the cost of leasing the modems, which has increased, in the past several years. With the current content on the Internet we have lost most of our dial-up customers and it has become a cost deficiet for the Freenet to continue that service. We do have many email accounts that have been used since the start of of the Freenet in 1994. We asked all of our users if they would pay for an email account and received many positive responses. We have been a 501 c 3 non-profit Organization for that time period.

We are now sending out bills in an order based on the prior due date, which will switch due to additional accounts being added.

Our current goal is to increase web presence to non-profits and other community organizations at a low cost and with tools that allow ease of upgrade.

We have also been considering providing email addresses with heavy spam filters to provide no ads on your mail account.

We will have additonal information for you as we progress through this year. We still have a goal of contributing to the community. 

Larry Porn, Board Chairman