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The Genesee FreeNet (GFN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-cost access to the Internet to our members and offering online information about the community based in Flint and Genesee County, Michigan. Your contributions of time, talent, and funds are always appreciated. Please see the Genesee FreeNet services for details on how you can become a part of the community computer network serving Genesee County since May 1994.

Most people refer to our birth as December 1994 because that's the first official time we were online. The first believers of the Genesee FreeNet paid $100 each to get the organization going. We call these believers our charter members.

Genesee FreeNet - Beliefs and Values Adopted by Board of Directors April 18, 1995

  1. We believe access to information is a right.
  2. We believe access to information is self-empowering.
  3. We believe that as a public non-profit organization, the Genesee FreeNet exists to serve the community and must be accountable to the community.
  4. We believe the Genesee FreeNet, as a public good, enhances the quality of life.
  5. We believe the Genesee FreeNet exists to facilitate access and communication for the entire community.
  6. We believe Genesee FreeNet should strive to be inclusive in its offerings of services.
  7. We support the free flow of information (open access, uncensored).


Slogan: Access with a community focus.


The People
Volunteers do most of the work involved in operating the Genesee FreeNet.


Laura Austin Award
In 1999, the Board of Directors created the Laura Austin Award and awarded the virtual award to longtime volunteer Laura Austin.


Volunteers Through the Years




The Organization

The Genesee FreeNet is a non-profit organization recognized under the guidelines of the state of Michigan and the IRS. We are a members-based organization. You can read the bylaws online or go to the main organization page.



Board of Directors


Genesee FreeNet and Michnet Acceptable Use policies

  • To read the Genesee FreeNet Acceptable use policy, click here.